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So, you want to manage your money. Here's 8 ways to do that. 


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joint accounts

Instant Migration

Don't wait last minute.


Instantly discover new insights from your old data.

Explore your past in a way you've never seen.

legacy highlights

Legacy Highlights by the numbers...

Get a souvenir from your time with Legacy.


Once you're migrated, you'll get an awesome report with cool highlights from your time with Legacy.

joint accounts


Manage joint accounts and savings targets in a team.

foreign accounts

Foreign Currency Accounts

Track accounts in foreign currencies.

currency converter

Currency Conversion

Add transactions in currencies other than the account's currency. 


Filtered Exporting 

Export data in CSV.

custom categories

Custom Categories 

Search, favourite, hide, and custom categories.


unlimited filter

Unlimited Insights

Advanced filters, set start / end dates, and change currencies.


Repeat Notifications

Get notifications before a payment repeats.


Budgeting Calendar

Plan your target dates by calendar. Set budgets to roll-over other than your financial month.


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